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Area Introduction
The JR Hokkaido Asahikawa branch is located in Asahikawa city , and is in charge of the northern and eastern parts of Hokkaido which is abundant in rich and beautiful nature.
Main lines: Station name: Travel distance:
(1) Hakodate Main Line
(2) Rumoi Main Line
(3) Furano Line
(4) Soya Main Line
(5) Sekihoku Main Line
(6) Senmou Main Line

(Asahikawa - Ebeotsu)
(Fukagawa - Mashike)
(Asahikawa - Gakuden)
(Asahikawa - Wakkanai)
(New Asahikawa - Abashiri)
(Abashiri - Katsuradai)

Colorful flowers in bloom throughout the summer, spectacular drift ice off the Sea of Okhotsk during the winter. There are many good spots to visit all year round.
Please enjoy "your trip by train" one can experience the expansive nature throughout the northern and eastern parts of Hokkaido!

★The features of the Asahikawa area are introduced in this page.

The JR Asahikawa branch is based in Asahikawa city center.
From Asahikawa, railroads stretch out to the north, south, east and west .The JR Asahikawa branch is in charge of each line listed above.
Asahikawa, is the second largest city in Hokkaido with a population of approximately 360,000.The city is surrounded by the TAISETSU mountains, also it is well-known for being a town of rivers. The big Ishikari river which represents Hokkaido flows through the city, it is said that there is approximately 170 small and large rivers and about 700 bridges in the city.
The changing of seasons from spring to summer, autumn and winter are very distinct. The difference in temperature between the icy cold winters and hot summers is around 70 ℃.The winds of Japan blow softly and calmly throughout the country. Furthermore in Asahikawa there is relatively few natural disasters such as, earthquakes or floods. The Popular sightseeing spots in this area include:“The Asahiyama Zoo,” Biei, Furano, and Sounkyo . Asahikawa is also well known for it’s industry for example, building furniture, the pulp industry and food and processing such as refining sake and Chinese noodles “ramen” are predominant in this city.

The Soya Main Line stretches to the northernmost city, of “Wakkanai,” which is in the center of the Soya region. There the “Soya Headland” is located at the northernmost tip of Japan, and the two islands, “RISHIRI-TO” and “REBUN Island” surround the home waters of the Sea of Japan. Mount “RISHIRI-DAKE” on the island of “RISHIRI-TO” attracts many mountain climbers. On a fine day one can see the ocean with a perfect 360-degree field of vision from the mountain. “Rebun island is known as “a beautiful island of flowers”, with over 300 hundred varieties of alpine flora blossoming over the fields in spring. The visitor can also admire the wide varieties of nature in the Sarobetsu wilderness covering Rishiri, Rebun, and Sarobetsu National Park in the Soya region.

The Sekihoku Line extends east, to the Abashiri, Kitami region where the major city of Abashiri is located in its center.Nearby is Shiretoko which has been designated as a World Heritage site. The region is crowded with tourists during the summer time, and in winter they come to see the amazing drift ice along the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk. The Kamikawa station by the Sounkyo gorge, the Rubeshibe station by “On-neyu” hot spring village and other stations are on the Sekihoku line.
Visit Hokkaido and enjoy the great outdoors!

The Hakodate, Rumoi Main Line extending to the west is divided to the Rumoi Main Line at Fukagawa station of Hakodate Main Line extended to Hakodate.
As the name implies, the major city of the Rumoi Major Line “Rumoi city” is the largest city in the Rumoi region, an area running along the Sea of Japan. The two islands of Teuri, Yagishiri national park can be seen in the ocean, and also Mount RISHIRI-DAKE can be viewed clearly on a fine day.
Heading south, one can observe the beautiful Mount SHOKANBETSU-DAKE. Also Rumoi is well known as one of the most beautiful spots for seeing the setting sun in Japan.

Finally, the Furano Line extending to the south also needs to be mentioned. The Biei station is on the way to Furano, and the most breathtaking sight in this region is the rolling hills at the foot of Mount TOKACHI-DAKE. The patchwork pattern of the fields waving in the wind is very attractive to tourists because they resemble the fields of those in Europe.
As you can see, there are many wonderful aspects to attract you from the east to the west, and to the north, and to the south. Please enjoy your trip by train when you visit Hokkaido, we are looking forward your stay in the Asahikawa area!

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